Property Management

Here at Goldwyne consult we are well versed with property and facility management, whereby we are actively involved in the following which is just a sneak preview of some of the things we do but does not include all for we will go that extra mile to make sure that the landlord is always happy.

Some of the duties we will undertake to carry out in your property will include among others:

  • Discussions on marketing proposals for advertising the property to always make sure that it is in the minds of the tenants this is to make sure there are no vacant premises but we will vet the tenants to get the best.
  • Showing the property to prospective tenants. Whenever a notice is received for a unit that is falling vacant to make sure that prospective clients have seen it and paid for it before the current tenant vacates.
  • We all know that it is a time when security is a problem so we will always make checks to ensure the suitability of the tenant for the property including the ability to pay, we verify given information by interviewing present and previous landlords as well as their employers/business associates.
  •  We will always ensure the tenants abide by the lease provisions and make any corrections if there are people who are not following the set guidelines we will do this in constant liaison with your office.
  • We will investigate and resolve any complaints by tenants and always show them the line between what is expected from the tenant and from the landlord.
  • We will always review property maintenance and security in tandem with prevailing market forces giving recommendations and supporting with the necessary documents if any.
  • Through the landlords authority we will organize quotes for renovation work on behalf of the landlord and we will arrange for trades people to attend to repairs with the landlords authority. We will keep up-to-date with property acts and by-laws (such as the commercial Tenancy Act).
  • We will write regular reports for the property owner regarding their property citing the condition as at that time.
  • We will provide monthly expense statements for property owners to account payments and any disbursements thereof.
  • We will always assess the current market trends of properties and advise the landlord appropriately.

The management terms will be as follows.

The management fee will be 10% of the total rent collected but negotiable if you have many buildings.

For vacant premises we will charge equivalent of half a month’s rent a one off fee when the tenant is coming in to cater for advertising and facilitation costs in getting the tenant.

We usually submit our rents from the 1st to the fifth of every month in advance and we pay up to three (3) months in advance for houses under our management.

What is service charge?

Your service charge is the money you pay towards the day-to-day running costs of your development. Every resident pays a service charge and the money is used to cover items such as security, maintenance, repairs, gardening and communal facilities.

The service charge would also cover the costs of any onsite staff. In general residential developments these could be caretakers for large, complex estates this could include a supervisor and the maintenance team, cleaners and handypersons.

What is the Service charge based on?

The service charge is based on an estimate or budget we prepare of all the running costs relating to the communal areas of your development. These could include a number of elements. Some of the most common are:

1). Landscape maintenance – such as cutting the grass, maintaining communal gardens, watering and sweeping.

2). Lighting, cleaning of communal internal areas

3). Window cleaning – specific to each development, but would typically include all external windows as well as internal windows in communal areas.

4). Lift maintenance if its available.

5). Fire equipment maintenance.

6). Refuse collection and recycling.

7). Other electrical and mechanical equipment maintenance – specific to each development, but this could include items such as water pumps, electrically powered entry or security gates.

8). General repairs and maintenance.

9). Salaries of any onsite staff that are employed specifically to work for the development.

10). Management fee – the only part of the annual service charge which is paid over to the managing agent from the owners of the buildings.